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Neon Light that suits your Decor

Neon Light that suits your Decor

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Neon and artwork can almost go hand-in-hand; both are incredibly creative industries, with original ideas being brought to life through shape, design and color. Using neon can open up a whole world of opportunity to add something unique to your art, making it the perfect choice for an extraordinary addition to the décor in your home.

Combining the inimitable glow of neon with an eye-catching design can result in a beautiful piece of wall art for your home. So, if you’re looking for a distinctive way to decorate any room in your home, here is a guide to neon art and how to get it just right.

What neon art design should you choose?

Your home is a very personal space, so any type of wall art neon you choose to put up should reflect your personality and your family. By nature, neon signs are a statement piece, bringing light and colour to any room.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a neon sign design, especially because you can design your own! Our custom neon signs are a perfect reflection of who you are and your style. Custom made signs can be created to your exact size too, ensuring it perfectly fits in the space you have in mind.

By combining neon with a piece of art, you can ensure you have a modern design that makes full use of neon lighting.  Neon on print offers a contemporary background for a traditional neon sign. Choose a picture of you and your other half, a still from your favorite movie, or a pop art-inspired design to add some personality to the design.

Your neon on print design will arrive ready to hang, and simply just need to be plugged into a mains socket to turn on.

For something a little more rustic, we can also create neon on wooden panels. This fascinating combination of two very different materials can result in an eye-catching design for your home. The majority of neon signs are usually fitted to an acrylic panel or case, but a wooden backing can help to create a personal piece that is in keeping with the theme of your chosen room.

For a design with a real wow factor, neon mirror boxes can provide a unique product with an enhanced design. It is a novel idea, with a visually-striking effect as the neon works beautifully with the addition of a mirror. All the designs are etched on to the product with a laser, allowing you to customize the design to your specification.

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect artwork for your hallway, bedroom or kitchen, why not incorporate a neon sign into the idea? Get in touch with us today to talk about your ideas!


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