So you have been down in the dumps lately. To cheer you up, room design springs to your mind. You realize it is great to wake up and spend most of your time in a festive environment where you will feel calm and relaxed. And you like it blue because it is your favorite color, but that is where it gets a little complicated.

Blue is often associated with negative emotions: sadness, disappointment, loss of appetite, coldness, and melancholy. But you want a blue space that lets you share a cheerful atmosphere with your friends and still makes you feel better when alone. With a color often viewed negatively, what can you do to turn the tables? 

Find the best answers in this article about festive blue neon aesthetic ideas!

Feeling Blue: 6 Positive Blue Neon Aesthetic Quotes, Symbols, and Ideas for a Cheerful Interior Design

It is essential to find ways to uplift yourself or a loved one in difficult times. One way to do that is by incorporating your favorite color to decorate your room. If you want to create a festive atmosphere in your house using the color blue but find it difficult, here are six ideas to try.

blue neon aesthetic quotes - fortune favors the brave blue neon sign

1) Chase the Blues Away With Motivational Quotes

The color blue does not only make you feel blue. In fact, some religious beliefs and cultures view it as a symbol of peace, serenity, rest, and self-expression. Thus, blue is a perfect color for motivational home decor.

We suggest getting blue neon signs engraved with your favorite motivational quotes. Picture yourself looking at an illuminating neon sign with the words "good vibes only" hanging on your wall 24/7. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see these bright, motivational phrases in your favorite color?

2) The Professional Way to Cheer People Up

How would you like the concept of a blue office? Aside from peace and relaxation, blue is often associated with professionalism, knowledge, integrity, intelligence, and expertise. As you have seen, blue is a common color code used in several corporate uniforms and offices.

With this design concept, you can instill self-esteem in your professional character. Some examples are using blue-colored supplies, working within blue-colored walls or home office desks, and hanging a humble hustle neon sign from the door. This way, you can be confident about yourself and build unity with your co-workers (even when you work remotely).

3) The Blue of Nature

One of the nicest things about the color blue is that it is an adaptable color. You can find it in both natural and man-made elements! It evokes images of the summer sky, the sea, a specific flower, or a pebble you have seen on the beach. Blue also represents wisdom, depth, bravery, and introspective journeys.

And what better way to pay homage to nature's splendor than bringing it into your room? You can decorate nearly any object in your room with this theme! Try this blue concept on pillows, bed sheets, blankets, all decor, desk organizers, mirrors, and so on.

4) Teamwork Makes The Colors Work

Sometimes, excessive use of blue may come across as cold, gloomy, unfriendly, or uncaring. However, if you try pairing it with different hues, you may get some stunning results that take the gloominess away. Blue is a great supporting color, making the other shades brighter and more noticeable.

Simultaneously, it will not stay subtle in the background and shine on its own, too! Yellow, light pink, green, orange, and white are the usual complementary colors for blue, but feel free to experiment with more shades. Combine it with any color you believe would make your space festive—as long as it gives you a good vibe.

5) Lighter Shades for a Lighter Mood

For some people, a dark blue neon aesthetic may express a threatening, unsettling, or gloomy atmosphere. Deep indigo, for instance, evokes images of stormy seas at night, which is not pleasant to think about. Movies with dark concepts also use it. 

For these reasons, consider lighter shades of blue instead for a festive room concept. They are perfect for establishing a calming and refreshing vibe in your space. You can find some hospital bedrooms, spas, or nurseries incorporating light shades of blue in their interior design. So get some light blue decor in your home today.

6) Judging Your Shade of Blue Using Five Senses

If you are having difficulty selecting the right kind of blue for your room, use your five senses. This will help you break down and determine what type of blue makes you happy. We have some examples here for you to start with.

dark blue neon aesthetic - happy young working woman in a blue room

A Reminder: Your Room, Your Choice, Your Freedom

Putting a lot of hard work into your room design is fun, but don't be too concerned about what other people think. After all, it is your room; it should reflect your character and passion.

How others perceive it is not your main priority. These are mostly ideas we gathered to help you get started. Ultimately, your happiness matters the most. So don't limit yourself and decorate to your heart's content!

Create a Blue Festival At Home With Neonize

Blue is not just a color for our somber moods. It also represents many positive meanings like peace, intelligence, bravery, journeys, depth, and nature. So if you want to use this color to add a cheerful touch to your dull home, you can absolutely nail it!

Want to show the world that blue is not just a gloomy hue? Neonize has the perfect solution for you! Our blue neon sign aesthetic decorative pieces create bright, festive shades of blue in your space. They will look even livelier in the middle of the night, giving you a mood boost 24/7. What more can you wish for?

You can explore our collection of neon designs, quotes, and symbols to find the one that best suits your needs. We also offer a custom neon light service for any specific ideas you might have. Light up your life in blue today!

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