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Fascinate Fashion Fanatics with a Colorful Hypebeast Neon Sign

A famous fashion brand has announced the release of a limited product, and there are only a hundred pieces of them. The hypebeast in you awakens—it is time to get those nice pairs of sneakers, a comfy jacket or hoodie, bags, or jeans. In your mind, you murmur: you will not be left out. 

By the close of the day, you have the product thousands of people want. After securing a spot and lining up for hours, you have achieved your goal. You are among the elite hundred people who have the most coveted apparel or accessories. 

Such is the life of a hypebeast. It is a life hyped by the products wanted by many but have limited supply. Yet, it is the scarcity that makes the product you wish to have even more valuable. 

Originally, the hype was only about Supreme, Yeezys, Air Jordans, and elite Adidas and Nike shoes. But today, being a hypebeast is all about getting any limited fashion item.  

Whether you are self-proclaimed and proudly out hypebeast or you have a business catering to this market, our Hypebeast neon lights here at Neonize It is a welcome decoration. 

Do not worry; we do not run out of stock. We have a lot to offer, and we want you to check them out here! 

Ready? Let us begin!

Neon Sign Hypebeast Interior Design Ideas

To jump-start our search for the coolest hypebeast sign, here are some interior design ideas you can look into. Check out the bland corners of your home, and let these LED signs do the magic!

Enchanting Walk-In Closets

You surely have a walk-in closet or a special area in your home where all your expensive and striking fashion items are. Decorate this place with neon lights that are as posh as the products inside. 

Well-Lit Collection Room

Items as precious as those you have are not only fashion emblems but also collector’s items! If you have a collection room on top of your walk-in closet, add spice to your interior design through hypebeast neon signs. It will add a positive vibe to an already awe-inspiring room. 

Room Decoration

After your daily grind and errands (while wearing the poshest attire, of course), be welcomed by neon signs that will make you feel relaxed and truly at home. The colors of blue, red, pink, green, orange, yellow, or white will fill your room. Choose your zen shade so that you can relax better. 

A Hypebeast Den

Have a man cave—hypebeast version—where everything is posh and in style. Picture your den with hypebeast LED lights, fashion trinkets, and collectibles inside glass boxes or even in frames! Convene with your glamorous friends who have the same fashion wavelength and love for the hype in a well-decorated hypebeast den. 

Bar Design

Are your bar visitors or target customers from this elite fashion group? Make their stay in your bar an experience of a lifetime, something they would joyfully go back to, by decorating your bar with signs they are familiar with. If you are a hypebeast, decorating your bar will not be hard for you!

Cafe and Restaurant Ornament

Encourage restaurant and cafe goers to relax in your cafe and restaurant with hypebeast neon signs. Of course, you must be thinking about how the sign will fit your store, but trust us, it is a design that will fit any interior design. You just need to pick the right color and design.

Hypebeast Neon Light: Our Offers and Designs

Check out our Hypebeast neon sign collection featuring different characters and text that are not only for hypebeasts but are also a perfect decoration for neutral themes. Let us check out each of our offers one by one. 

Famous Celebrities

Iconic individuals in the world of sports, music, and fashion are among the designs we have. Get Rihanna's most famous hits playing while you light our Rihanna neon signs, perfect for The Navy, Rihanna’s fan club.

Are you into basketball, and have you collected the now difficult-to-count limited designs of Air Jordans? The famous basketball player dominated the court and went into endorsing shoes for Nike, which, of course, basketball fans all over the world would like to wear. 

Whether it be silhouettes of Rihanna or Michael Jordan or famous brand taglines, we have them in our collection!

Gorgeous Kicks

The design we have in our collection features a sneaker lit in white and blue. But what we can make is not limited to this as we also offer the personalized neon sign of your dreams. It means that whether you want a specific Air Jordan model, Yeezy, or Supreme kicks, we can make them for you. 

Here are some gorgeous kick design ideas we can make for you:

  • Casablanca x New Balance 327
  • Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Yecheil” 
  • Nike Air Presto, ACG-Style
  • NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe 2.0
  • Nike Suede Air Force 1
  • Dior x Air Jordan 1
  • Air Jordan 11 Retro “Bred 2019”

Send us the design of the latest or classic sneakers you own or those that you think are truly legendary. We will light them up for you!

Hip Hypebeast Texts

Currently, the hip neon light designs on texts flex these cool messages: 

  • Anti Social Social Club
  • Cactus Jack 
  • Dig Old Bicks
  • Just do it.
  • Kiss My Airs
  • Nike

They are even made appealing by the red, yellow, blue, pink, orange, or green neon lights illuminating them. But like what we said in the previous design, we customize! There are surely many loud and proud hypebeast quotes you can turn into neon lights. Check out these ideas:

  • Don’t stress about streetwear.
  • Every day is a casual show. 
  • Yeezy
  • Air Jordan
  • Elite Fashion
  • Hypebeast

You must have more out-of-the-box ideas, and we would love to bring them to life for you!

Pitch Your Design: Customized Neon Signs

We know a lot about your hood, but nobody else is more qualified to create hypebeast designs than you. Pitch in your design by uploading an image or personalized text on our website, and you will receive it after a few days with free shipping for purchases $250 and up! If you need inspiration, here are some customized designs we recommend. 

Most Memorable Fashion Find

Be they sneakers, jackets, hoodies, or accessories, fashion items are like trophies for hypebeasts like you. If we ask you what the most memorable fashion trinket in your collection is, you will surely have a couple to pick. Immortalize these items and the memories that go with them through our custom-made neon signs. 

Aside from items you own, you can also feature the most memorable hypebeast icons and brands like the following:

  • Nike
  • Supreme
  • BAPE
  • Anti Social Social Club
  • Adidas
  • Noah
  • The North Face
  • Vetements
  • Awake NY
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Stüssy

You must have worn a couple of these brands, so thinking of a custom design to represent them is easy. Just send the blueprint to us, and we will create them for you!

Your Hypebeast Mantra

You must have a mantra you chant in your head so that you can flaunt your streetwear attire and flex your style with confidence. Here are some famous hypebeast and fashion quotes for inspiration.

  • “The joy of dressing is an art.” —John Galliano
  • “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” —Edna Woolman Chase
  • “My style is black and expensive.” 
  • “We are endlessly creating ourselves.”
  • “Conformity is the real fashion crime.”

Let these empowering words come to life through our hypebeast neon signs. You will have instant positive vibes and a confidence boost every time you light them up. 

Hypebeast Role Models

Plaster on a wall in your room or your business establishment a hypebeast role model whose taste in fashion is unparalleled. Who are we talking about?

  • Kanye West: Kanye West is the brain behind the Yeezys, one of the most coveted Nike-turned-Adidas shoes. 
  • Michael Jordan: Jordan may not be the maker of the shoes, but he surely inspired the designers and manufacturers to bring to life shoes people are always more than willing to buy.
  • Hypebeast influencers: You can also go contemporary by looking up to today’s most famous hypebeast influencers. 

Having neon signs featuring your fashion role model will inspire you to dress well whenever you see their silhouettes lit in LED lights. 

Putting Up the Neon Signs

Putting up our neon signs, whether the on-shelf designs or the customized ones, is easy. All designs have mounting or hanging holes, so you can screw them to the wall to ensure sturdy attachment. The acrylic backing will serve as the main plate for your design. We can cut it following your design or keep it in its rectangle shape. 

Plug in the transparent power receiver to the power adapter, and then the sign is ready for lighting! Use the included remote control to dim or blast on the light. Easy-peasy!

Get Your Hypebeast LED Neon Lights at Neonize It!

Do you find our neon signs and the limitless customization appealing? Are you interested in getting a couple of them? We are more than happy to process your orders, so click that Add to Cart button now and wait for us to deliver your chosen Hypebeast neon light for you. If you will customize, check out our customization page and follow the steps to create your designs.

Get ready to make your fashion life even more exciting with these lights. You already have a room filled with trendy trinkets, and these neon signs will serve as the icing on top of the cake. 

So, what are you waiting for? Order yours now!

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