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Black Neon Aesthetic Inspiration: Back to the Black-Themed 90s and 00s Pop Culture

To Millennials and Gen Z adults, the 2000s is a decade we can officially review for a dose of nostalgia and inspiration. If our parents raved about the hip 70s and 80s in their time, it's our time to do the same for the 90s and 00s—the decades that marked our generation's glory days.

Those sweet years have so much cool and amazing stuff to look back to. So we narrowed it down to a theme. In this article, we're focusing on the pop culture things associated with the powerful color black. Plus, we'll give you some ideas on how you can resurrect these evocative things of the past back to life using aesthetic neon signs.

Art: Banksy's Black Stencil Art

Graffiti and stencils are prominent street art media in the 90s. You'll see it spray-painted on random street corners and walls in the city. During those times, the general public saw it as less of an art and more of an act of vandalism.

One artist who contributed to street art's rise is Banksy. His art emphasizes solid black colors and presses on political themes that criticize war, greed, and capitalism. He serves his pieces the way street art should be served—in the dirty plate of vandalism.

But the art and the controversial themes caught on faster than law enforcement apprehension. Soon, art patrons are clamoring for a piece at high prices. Then, between the late 90s to early 10s, coupled with the release of Exit Through the Gift Shop, the "Banksy Effect" was in full swing, and street art got its rightful recognition.

For your art category on trendy 90s and 00s-themed black aesthetic neon signs, try taking inspiration from Banksy's artworks. It's going to be a rad Millenial home decor idea.

Fashion: Goth and Emo

The Goth Fashion of the 90s

Goth subculture became a trend back in the 90s. Goth kids go to obscure and underground goth bars wearing all black. Everything is painted with this universal color, from clothes to makeup to accessories.

This fashion became a trend, perhaps because the better part of the goth scene is dug deep underground. The music and lifestyle are a little too deep for the mainstream crowd to grasp. But the fashion still found its way into the light.

The edgy and enigmatic goth fashion is inspired by the Victorian period of England. Envision the movie Underworld to get the idea of what mainstream goth fashion fanatics aim to copy.

Apart from black-colored clothes, goth fashion is also into symbolism. Accessories designed as pentagrams and other similar symbols pepper the goth outfit and have become an identifying feature of this 90s fashion trend.

The Emo Fashion of the 00s

Emo fashion is often associated with goth because they both have black themes. But there is a clear distinction on where emo fashion lies.

The inspiration for emo fashion comes from various sources, but the broad strokes are inherited from 1980s punk rock. At least, this explains the studded silver bracelets and the black eyeliners (which the goths also inherited from punks, their predecessors).

To dive deeper into the fashion trend, emo is driven more by emotion. The expression of sadness, despair, and anger pushes the envelope of punk fashion further into the deep end. Hence, the one-sided hair, black-themed wardrobe, and the sad faces to match the getup.

Today, emo fashion is on the brink of making a comeback. With Avril Lavigne releasing a new album and TikTok being around, there will be an unearthing of this buried 00s fashion trend.

For the fashion category, you can take elements from these two 90s and 00s fashion trends and turn them into black and neon aesthetic signs you can hang on a wall that invites a touch of aesthetics. Ideas and symbols representing these fashion senses, like the pentagram, will stand out in your room.

Music: The Two Black Albums

Let's start with the 90s...

Metallica is a household name for rock fans. Just ask any Millennial who wore black shirts, grew their hair, and slammed their bodies in the mosh pit, and you'll know. This band is a legend in the 90s rock metal scene and is among the ranks of the greats such as Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath.

One of their famous albums has a mysterious design: a snake symbol in one corner and the band's name on another, all colored in black. But this inconspicuous record will gift the world crazy good rock metal songs such as Enter Sandman, The Unforgiven, Nothing Else Matters, and many others. These came from what is culturally known as The Black Album.

Now, let's jump to the 00s...

Hip-hop has long been there even before NWA's infamous anti-police brutality rap song F**k Tha Police. But NWAs songs and the rappers made a tremendous contribution to the 90s gangsta rap scene that sparked new talents throughout that decade. 

One of those hip-hop artists is the versatile genius Jay-Z. Also known as J-Hova, Jigga, and Hov, Shawn Carter embraced both the gangsta rap and club MC style and puts his lyrical genius into creating rap songs you can groove to and make you think simultaneously.

One iconic album he made is The Black Album. It's a special one during the 00s because it was supposed to be his last, and it brought out popular songs such as Encore, Dirt off Your Shoulder, and Change Clothes.

But the most popular contribution Shawn made that endured as a common expression of today came from his song 99 problems. So if you've heard the lines "I got ninety-nine problems but a b***h ain't one" on TikTok, it's a reference to this iconic 00s song.

Consider getting a black neon light aesthetic custom-made with the band name Metallica, their song titles, or lyrics if you want a black-themed music neon light piece. If you're gunning for the 00s, the 99 problems line would be a cool neon sign on your wall.

Realize Your Black-Themed 90s and 00s Indoor Aesthetic with Neonize

Black is a beautiful and authoritative color. No wonder it is associated with many cool and badass things that made a difference in a Millenial or a Gen Z's lifetime. That's why a black-themed aesthetic neon decor focused on the 90s and 00s is an amazing idea to convey how in touch you are with the things that helped shape who you are. 

So make the 90s and 00s-themed indoor aesthetics with these fun pop culture references. Just reach out and tell us what you have in mind. We can help you make that happen here at Neonize.

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