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Just Do It: 5 Reasons to Get a Nike Neon Sign

Celebrate your love for anything Nike with a Nike neon sign! Whether you own a Nike store or simply a loyal fan of the brand, a LED neon light with the capital letters N-I-K-E is the cherry on top!

Nike is a top brand that is extremely competitive in sportswear and bags, slippers, apparel, and other everyday items. It's not difficult to love it, wear it and be proud of it! So to show your appreciation of this mega brand, why not install a Nike Just Do It neon sign on your bedroom wall? You know, to inspire you to be you and do your thang!

Origin of the Iconic "Just Do It" Slogan

Before getting your very own Nike LED neon sign, let's first discuss the origin of one of the most famous slogans of all time, the "Just Do It" slogan. Who would have thought that these words actually tell a sinister story?

These words sound very encouraging and rousing that one would think they came from the mouth of someone so great. A passionate leader, perhaps? Or a powerful captain? This slogan that fuels our desire to go on and continue with life were actually the last words of a murderer before he was finally executed for his sins. 

A Sinner's Last Words

Gary Gilmore was a notorious killer in Utah who went on a killing spree in 1976. According to the US Supreme Court records, Gilmore robbed and killed a motel worker and a gas station attendant. It was said that the killer shot himself in the hand while doing the deed.

Gilmore fled to his cousin Brenda to ask for medical help, but she turned him over to the police. He was sentenced to death and sent to Utah State Prison. On January 17, 1977, as he was facing the five-person firing squad, he was asked for his last words. In his last moments, the double-murderer uttered, "Let's do it."

The Impact of the Just Do It Slogan

Just Do It white neon sign close up.

It may seem unreal and unbelievable that one of the world's most well-known marketing slogans of all time, "Just Do It" by Nike, was inspired by a killer's true and last words. 

Dan Wieden, the founder of the ad agency Wieden and Kennedy, changed the phrase to "Just Do It" for a 1988 television commercial that cemented the slogan in the world of sports and entertainment. Wieden said in 2009, "None of us really paid that much attention, and we thought, 'Yeah. That'd work."

The origins of Nike's powerful slogan may have sinister and dark origins, but the words have turned around the lives of so many people for the better. 

Still Relevant

"'Just Do It" is still as relevant to us as brand new as it was 23 years ago," David Grasso, vice president of global brand marketing at Nike, told Creative Review in 2011.

The slogan has been translated into so many languages and has even been translated, created, and distributed in braille that the American Foundation for the Blind gave Nike the 1995 Access Award.

5 Reasons Why You Need A Nike Neon Sign Now!

After learning about the short history of our favorite slogan, it's time to celebrate it! So let's talk about why YOU should get your Nike Just Do It neon sign!

Words Keep You Going!

Imagine having a really bad day and coming home to an illuminated sign above your bed telling you to do it and encouraging you to be bold, strong, courageous, and unique. That would be a nice thing to go home and wake up to. It's a gentle and constant reminder that life goes on; we must hustle and live life to the fullest every single day!

Memorabilia of Your Favorites!

Nike Air Max neon sign in orange

We love to display most of our favorite things because we like to see them as part of our daily routine. They put smiles on our faces, which helps us through the day. So if you are a sneaker fan and adore Nike footwear, specifically Air Jordan, put a one-of-a-kind installation on your wall to remind yourself of your love of Nike shoes!

A Nike Air neon sign or a Nike Air Max neon sign would be a lovely fixture on your wall, by the bed, in your game room, television room, living room, or wherever you see it fit to install. A neon LED signage will make you grin from ear to ear!

Instagrammable Spot in Your Space

We all love to take selfies to post on social media. You can boast your neon lights to your friends and family when you create your wall decor in your own special space at home. 

Show your artistry and creativity as you design your unique spot where you can read, relax, and enjoy the peace, knowing that you have something that you love shining brightly above you.

You can also invite your friends and have a good time while chit-chatting under the light and color of this bright neon sign. 

Game Night All Night!

Spice up your game night with a Just Do It neon sign to make everything more challenging and exciting. There's nothing better (other than food and beer) than to get hyped up together with your game buddies and competitive opponents.

A flashing LED light will amp up the game night, and rest assured that you will be having a wild night all night long!

Low Maintenance Yet Attractive

Some displays on the walls are incredibly difficult to put up, and most of them are equally challenging to clean, maintain, and restore. So neon signages are the key to your worries! These LED lights are 100% easy to set up, and you won't ever break into a sweat whenever you need to clean them or uninstall them. 

Get Yours Now At Neonize!

Are you ready to take your Nike LED design to the next level? Neonize offers customizable designs to fit whatever style you have in mind. All you have to do is upload an image or a text of the signage you want to get, and let us do the rest! Just wait for your finished custom neon sign.

You can also look at all of the designs we have available. If you are interested in shopping for yourself or as a gift to friends and relatives, we have a wide range of themes, including bars, cafes, brands, cute, positive vibes, music, and more LED neon signs! 

Also, for easy browsing, take a look at our collection. It'll be impossible to choose one with so many choices. So instead, shop for more because the more, the merrier!

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